Meto Építő Zrt.

Work-life balance is a key component of high quality and performance. At our company, we place great emphasis on maintaining this balance, and on constant mental and physical recharging. At METO, we pride ourselves on planning for the long term with our employees, because they find the security and conditions they need to work to a high standard. In nearly 20 years of operation, our more than 300 successful construction projects are a tangible testament to our expertise.

Four pillars

Why are more and more people choosing METO Construction Ltd? Because our clients enjoy our attention and expertise from the very beginning, we accompany them throughout the whole process and it is natural for us to continue our cooperation even after the work has been handed over.


If required, we can assist you in the selection of materials, equipment and cost-effective, yet high-quality solutions at the design stage.


Our excellent construction managers are graduates with many years of construction experience, who have been reliable and loyal partners of our company manager for many years.


Their activities also include cost analysis and post-completion costing, which ensures our efficient operations.


We operate a service department to carry out warranty work, the head of which liaises with the facility manager after completion of the works.


METO BAU KFT was established in 1993 as a general contracting company by two Hungarian individuals.
Our activities include the turnkey construction of various industrial and commercial facilities - car showrooms, fast food restaurants, petrol stations - as well as high-quality residential buildings, guesthouses and offices.


In 2001, our company underwent significant changes: we obtained the ISO 9001:2001 certification and at the same time we changed our ownership structure and became a public limited company.

Based on the many years of experience of our staff, our extensive list of references and the positive feedback of our clients, we believe that METO-ÉPÍTŐ ZRT has its place among the general contracting companies in Hungary.

Our aim is to maintain a stable market position while providing our customers with a full range of high-quality services.


We measure our success in satisfied customers.
The satisfaction of our partners is proven by the referrals and repeat customers we receive.

We believe that the high quality of our work is the only guarantee that we will remain a major player in the Hungarian construction industry in the long term.

Organisational structure

Organisational structure