Porsche Pest - Multifunctional building
Budapest, XIII. district Frangepán utca

Steel frame building with precast reinforced concrete floor slab. The building consists of two main units connected by a continuous open colour roof. The head office and the offices of the WELTAUTO test car park are located in the main building.
The rear building block houses an automatic tow-path car wash, test stands, fast service stations and a tyre and parts warehouse. This building is the replacement for the powerful boiler that can provide heating energy for half of the entire Porsche Pest site. The building is of lightweight construction, with a sheet metal cladding on the facade. The slab consists of thermal insulation on metal trapezoidal sheeting and PVC-based rainwater insulation.


Porsche Property Management Ltd.


László Benczúr

Project Officer:

Béla Mester

Construction manager:

Krisztián Minorics

Lead time:



spare parts warehouse, car wash, Budapest, quick-service, office, multifunctional building, Porsche Pest, test station, WELTAUTO